Some can be used on metal surfaces. Many factors affect the difference in drill bits. To identify it, you will notice that it has a very pointy head. We’ll go through most of them in this post. The best drill bits for wood are not the same as the best types of bits for concrete. 12 Types of Drill Bits and Their Uses. Likewise, the drill bit to use for brick won't work well on metal. Drill bits are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, almost always of circular cross-section. Now you have an idea of metal vs wood drill bits and what type of bits is intended for what kind of material. Concrete is a blend of finely ground Portland cement and larger sized stone aggregates. It’s crucial to know the difference between drill bits so that you don’t risk damaging your hard work by using a bit that’s either too weak or too strong to handle the job. You can make a hole or two in a concrete block with a regular drill and a masonry bit, but you’ll want to step it up a notch if you have a whole bunch of holes to drill into 50-year-old concrete. This means a narrow, sharp centre point and 2 tiny points at the sides. They will vary a lot in terms of design, material used in making them, durability, and many other features. That could be anything from drilling holes in furniture making to boring through timbers on house construction. Wood drill bits will need less pressure or effort to drill into the wooden objects. Flat wood bits are not really suitable for enlarging an existing hole. The length of the drill bit will determine how deep the hole will be when making the cut. Drilling steel, wood and masonry. There are two main drill bits for this. Because there is such a wide span of woodworking projects, bit makers have designed some clever and specialty purposed tools. In order to create holes drill bits are usually attached to a drill, which powers them to cut through the workpiece, typically by rotation. Not all twist bits are for metal -- some are exclusively for masonry, and some are only for wood or plastic. There are some differences between wood and metal drill bits. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Some include center bits, Forstner bits, augur bits and many more. From the name, the purpose of a wood drill bit is to make holes in wooden objects. The best drill bits for tile work have hard, sharp-angled points. How we make holes is important to avoid splitting the wood. One of those tricks is having the right type of tile-drilling bit and the patience to handle it properly. So, always choose the right drill bit size depending on the width of the material. Here is a review of the most common wood bits you find in today’s marketplace: Metalwork is a specialized skill and requires different techniques compared to woodworking. in mortar, block, brick and other light masonry. The spoon bits as the name suggests look like a spoon for their shape. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Twist Bits. So, what is a drill bit? In this guide, learn about the differences between a hammer drill and a rotary hammer. Both drills use a pounding motion that breaks concrete aggregate and powder as well as cuts it. Another common drill for drilling the concrete surfaces is the center and spot drill bit. For more information, call us today at 866-238-8880, or you can contact us online. Their properties are considerably different from metal and wood. Here are the most important parts of a drill bit’s anatomy: As with drill shapes, there are many different drill bit materials. Drill: A power tool with an adjustable chuck used for drilling holes into wood, metal, concrete, etc. Twist Bit. The other is the drill point’s material. This guide will help you do just that, as well as learn about the best types for use on wood, metal, and concrete. Also, the holes you make will be more perfect. They can be used on wooden objects; however, you need to apply the correct amount of pressure. The trick isn’t just knowing your materials. So I am here to help you learn about the difference between drilling, boring & reaming. There is a relationship between material hardness, the drill speed and the force applied on the bit. Installer bits are designed for installing wiring.The drill bit has a hole in the side used for feeding wiring through the drilled hole. To overcome heat created by drilling resistance, metal workers often use lubricants to cool their bits and reduce the wear. We have just mentioned a few types of wood drill bits available on the market. Sometimes water is sufficient, but often specialized oils make the job easier. Drill bits come in many sizes and shapes and can create different kinds of holes in many different materials. Unlike the metal drill bit, there’s many different types of bit that can drill wood and timber. Many factors affect the difference in drill bits. Drill bits are the part of the drill that actually cuts through the object. Wood drill bits. For drilling into concrete walls or any other concrete surfaces, you will find multiple drill bits available. For its unique design, it can be suitable for some complex drilling applications you need to achieve. Drilling hardened steel without the best drill bits for the job is near impossible. With wood drilling, the type of bit material and coating isn’t as important as the drill bit’s design. It is worth mentioning that the concrete drill bits can be used on wooden workpieces and not vice versa. They are made to have a spiral pattern. What does matter is that you choose the right drill bit for the job. The most common include the core drill bit. There are multiple wood drill bits depending on the type of drilling you want to achieve. Some bits are made for drilling into wood, concrete, brick, stone, stainless steel, metal, tile, glass, and more.Here we have the most common types and explain what each one is best used for. Wood drill bits are mainly for the wooden workpiece. The best drill bits for wood are not the same as the best types of bits for concrete. You cannot use the wood drill bits on concrete as they can be damaged easily. These bits are designed to cut metal, but are commonly and successfully used on wood, too. However, it is possible to get many other drill bits for wooden pieces. They are tungsten carbide bit and diamond hole saw. If you do not remove the guide drill, it might jam into the concrete as you go deeper. Using anything other than HSS will cause a lot of heat and could be messy! For many people in the business of working with power tools, you might have to drill different surfaces. Spoon drill bits can polish up your drill bit. If you need to make holes in harder surfaces, then you need larger point angles. That is not the same for concrete bits. We are particularly proud of our extensive selection of drill bits and drill accessories that cover a wide variety of materials and projects. You must select a drill bit that’s compatible for your work. If you intend on drilling any concrete projects, these are the compatible bits you will need: Drilling into tile is potentially more complicated, but rest assured, people who know the tricks do it successfully all the time. … Complete Guide to Drill Bits for Wood, Metal, Concrete and More, The Difference Between Milwaukee® FUEL™ & MX FUEL™ Tools, Tool Maintenance: Cleaning, Rust Prevention & Rust Removal. The bits cause a lot of splintering as they break out the back of the workpiece - using a sacrificial backing board will reduce this. Drill bits come in many shapes, but only two are appropriate for drilling metal. different between concrete,wood & metal drill bit - YouTube It takes a special knack and tool to drill porcelain. If you are looking to work with concrete or masonry – and need to drill holes – chances are you looked at getting a regular hammer drill or heavier duty rotary hammers like the Hilti TE 7-C.In the latter case, rather than regular concrete drill bits, you will generally need to get SDS drill bits.. These are special drill bits only meant for drilling in wooden objects. One of the main differences between boring wood and drilling into metal is the material’s resistance. To ensure that doesn't happen to you, we have put together this comprehensive drill bit guide. We all know that wood can be a sensitive material. But you can use the metal drill bit on wood. Drill a small pilot hole with HSS first so the bit can get a good purchase and not slide about! If you are making a lot of holes, or large holes, consider better bits (titanium, etc.). Not all drill bits are created equal, and there is no such thing as a universal or one-size-fits-all drill bit. We also have to drill concrete for many purposes. Drill bit composition and coatings can help in drilling metal but, like wood, the specific drill bit type makes all the difference. But metal drill bits are for the metal objects. Some can be used on metal surfaces. From the descriptions of the two types of drill bits, below is a summary of the differences between wood and concrete drill bits. Using the wrong bit can damage or ruin your base material. $50 to $100 hammer tools are good for drilling holes up to 1/2 in. You might be drilling a concrete foundation or attaching a ledge to a masonry block wall. Also Read: How to Change Drill Bit … This guide will help you to know all the things about these three process. Wood bits have a very sharp 'pin' at the tip as opposed to the 'tapered' HSS. Its main purpose is to mark a spot you can drill using other drill bits. A core drill bit will have an additional guide drill bit inside it. Glass tiles are sought after for decoration. Difference Between Metal & Wood Drill Bits. You have a huge selection of softwoods and hardwoods available. It’s critical to use the right bit material designed and intended for the project material you are working. Designed specifically for cutting wood, brad point drills are a cross between spade bits and twist drills. This determines the amount of support you need to provide to the drill’s cutting edge. Where the Difference Lies: Here we will lay out some specific differences between wood and metal drill bits. It’s understanding the different types of drill bits, what they are designed to do and what they are made of. Like all bits, augers must be kept sharp and rust-free to work well. The main feature of the lip and spur drill bit is that it is a spiral bit. I am putting up a tool rack on a solid block wall. Auger bits are capable of drilling very large holes with ease and are designed only for drilling into thick, hard and dry timber. It can be tricky to get a twist bit started in a precise … If you’re a woodworker, you will appreciate the many different kinds of wood you have to choose from. By now, you have an idea what wood and concrete drill bits are all about. Not all drill bits are created equal, and there is no such thing as a universal or one-size-fits-all drill bit. You will find that concrete drill bits are expensive as compared to wood drill bits. Have a variety of drill bits but don't know whether they are for woodworking or for masonary. The wood drill bits are designed to work mainly for wooden objects. Likewise, the drill bit to use for brick won't work well on metal. Any or all of these products could require drilling. Having a faster spiral means the higher the rate and vice versa. The basic difference between an Impact driver and a drill is the basic function of the two which is also evident from the names of the two tools. Try to get a high-quality drill bit because it is always helpful for hard solid objects. There is a wide range of concrete-based products that you may encounter. There are three main types of tiles used in the building industry. Depending on your project, you may encounter hard metals like stainless steel and soft metals like copper or anything in between, including aluminum, sheet steel, brass, bronze, spring steel, magnesium and cast iron. That is not the same for concrete bits. It also requires different tools, including drill bits specifically intended for cutting through metal. Now that we have a basic understanding of exactly what metal and wood drill bits are, we can dive further into what their core differences are: While wood drill bits are too soft to drill through metal, metal drill bits can be used on any surface. Here are the common bit types you may use when drilling metal: Concrete and masonry block are special products. The object could be made of different materials such as wood, concrete, metal, and much more. Always look at the recommended uses of a bit before using it for drilling it in a wooden workpiece. Drill bits will be of different sizes and shapes. Concrete drill bits are essential for making holes in a concrete surface. Before you can decide which type of drill bit to use for a particular job, you would want to first know their construction and recommended application. Right Concrete Drill Bits. Porcelain tiles are the hardest. There many terms associated with drill bits, and they all have a significant meaning. The concrete drill bits will need more force to push them through the. Improper bits can slow you down or bring your work to a halt. They will be more durable too as compared to the wood drill bits. That's important when you need to drill masonry bits, for example, because wood bits don't do well with brick and concrete. Even for wood and concrete drill bits, they will both have some basic features similar between them. In this case, you have to adjust the pressure. So let’s get started. They can be expensive, but they are necessary for various applications when drilling concrete surfaces. So, depending on the project you have to handle, make sure that you have the right tools for the job. Browse our online inventory to find the right drill bits for you. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. When you drill into block and concrete products, you will encounter a continuous mix of hard and soft pockets. Its taking a long time to drill even 1 hole. Forstner, spade, brad point and countersink bits can make drilling through wood and plastic faster and easier, but for metal, you need either a step bit, which works for soft metal, or a twist bit. The better drill bit you get the more it will withstand the force you give while drilling. Realistically, drilling any material – soft wood, steel, concrete – all require the correct drill bits, and without them you’re wasting time and reducing your power tools lifespan. Another common type of wood drill bit includes the spade drill bit. The last thing you want is to snap the wood drill bits on your concrete workpiece. They are typically available in 1 ⁄ 4 “-1” diameter. When construction is on it is very important fact. Here are the four materials frequently used in making drill bits: Often, it’s not sufficient to build drill bits from certain metals alone. As a rule of thumb, the harder the material and the greater the speed/force ratio, the greater the heat generation will be. There are many different kinds of drill bits for certain applications. There is also the indexable drill bit as part of concrete drill bits. You would need High Speed Steel (HHS) twist drill bits, and possibly cutting oil to keep the bit lubricated and sharp while you drill through the steel. The guide drill bit is for making a mark of where you want to drill and guide the outer core drill up to 0.5 inches into the workpiece. 1. 3. It is very difficult to drill reinforces concrete. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on We should point out that they need extra care when using them to drill into concrete surfaces. Manufacturers will coat their bits with special additives to improve performance, extend product life and make a worker’s job easier. There are short bits and long bits, thin bits and thick bits and bits of many sizes and shapes. The types of drill bits for wood have different material composition than the types of drill bits for metal. The differences are given below. This helps to keep the bit exactly on the mark. One insert remains in the inside radius while the other on the outer radius hole. You cannot use a wood drill bit on a metal object. You cannot use the wood drill bits on concrete as they can be damaged easily. Comparing them to wood drill bits, it is easy to see that concrete drill bits will be built for drilling into hard surfaces. If so, you will want a bit that is made for the purpose. 2. The most popular is ceramic tile. HSS bits are often gold in colour. You will also want an electric drill that is designed for concrete and block work. There are also different materials used to make the types of drill bits used for concrete, brick or tile. I strongly recommend that you consider the bit size and type of wood or metal when you choose between the metal bit and the wood bit. Some resemble a spear or an arrow tip. Once you get at least 0.5 inches into concrete, you should remove the inner guide drill bit and continue drilling with the outer core drill. Drill bits with a tungsten carbide tip are the strongest; when it comes to solid concrete, the sharper the better. Since 2001, we have partnered with professional contractors and home DIYers to provide exceptional customer service and top-quality fasteners and tools. Spade drill bit is used for rough boring into the wood. How to Drill a 2 Inch or 4 Inch Hole in Concrete, Hammer Drill vs. Impact Driver vs. Driver Drill, Milwaukee VS. Ryobi Cordless Drill Driver, Milwaukee 18V vs. Dewalt 20V Cordless Drill Review, PORTER-CABLE PCC620B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Hammer Drill Review, Dewalt 20v vs Makita 18v Cordless Drill Review, Hitachi DS10DFL2 12 Volt Peak Cordless Lithium Ion Drill Driver Review. .-Standard wood bits (as opposed to augers) are 'brad tipped'. When considering drill bits, wood vs metal projects will need different types, but they can sometimes be tricky to … Self-centering drill bit ensures that the drill hole is accurately centered each time the drill is applied. Bits specifically designed to drill ceramic, glass and porcelain tiles have two distinct features. Also unlike wood no lubricant is used with wood, although beeswax can be used to lubricate anything cutting through wood. You also have an endless range of projects to work on. So you have to know about these facts also. Having a small point angle is suitable for going through the soft surfaces. The larger bits require a fairly powerful drill to bore deep holes. If you know the difference between drilling, boring and reaming then making these holes will be easier for you. Drill bits can make or break your project’s success. You will find them being flat in shape. If you do not take care, you might end up easily damaging the workpiece. They are designed to have two inserts. Sizes range between 8 and 32mm. Popular concrete products are poured or cast-in-place like you would find in a foundation or patio, pre-cast masonry blocks, roofing tiles, cement-fiberboard and artificial stone. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Drill bits are made for a wide range of needs and usages, and sometimes, it's hard to know which ones are meant for which purpose. This means that holes that you make in any workpiece will have the spiral pattern too. One of the big variances in bits is their physical shape or geometry. The drill bits also have a point angle for making the holes in the various materials. It does matter - wood drill bits won't work on metal (destroying the bit in the process, unless used on thin and soft metals) and metal drill bits will increase splintering and tear-out when used on wood (but this depends also on the wood type and the diameter of the bit, and for smaller diameters there is little difference between wood and metal drills bits). Masonry bits cut holes through concrete in two steps. They are often used for making rough boring on your wooden workpiece. When drilling into concrete, it is important to know what tools will work best for you. Knowing about Drill Bit. So, depending on the material and type of hole you need to make, always use the appropriate drill bit. Use a HSS bit and be sure to turn off 'hammer action'. Whether you are drilling wood, metal, concrete or tile, the friendly staff at Construction Fasteners and Tools offer you specialized expertise and a wide inventory to successfully complete your projects. That is what we want to look at in this guide. This is to determine the rate at which you can remove the chips from the material. What really separates the different bits is their actual metal composition. Two common designs are hammer drills and slotted drive shaft (SDS) drills. With this guide of drill bit types and their applications, you will always use the right drill bit for different applications.. Before we get into the drill bit types, we need to understand which materials are used to make the drill bits. Typical drill bit coatings include: Most of the drill bits you will use on woodwork projects will have a bright finish. The concrete drill bits are best for concrete surfaces. Impact Driver is used to driving heavy-duty screws into wood, steel or drywall with great impact and speed. what is the difference (in appearance) between a masonry drill bit and a woodworking drill bit.? The point angle on the head of spoon bits helps with polishing the hole drilled in your workpiece. Full, comprehensive, detailed article on HubPages at The tip of the drill bit is larger in diameter than the shaft below so that when the shaft reaches the hole, it fits right in. One is the drill point configuration. As such, they require differently designed bits if you intend to drill a hole in their surfaces. It is worth mentioning that wood and concrete drill bits will not be the same. Each different drill bit will have different applications. The lip and spur drill bits can make spiral holes in wood. They are equal in density to ceramic and tend to break more easily. Below are the basic features you can expect to find with drill bits. Those who have never drilled into wood or metal probably don’t realize having the right drill bit matters. Tile requires a tough drill bit face and an exacting touch on the drill trigger. Among the various wood drill bits, glass drill bits and concrete drill bits, there are other options and accessories for more specialized tasks:. It doesn’t matter if your material is wood, metal, concrete or multiple surface materials. They are designed in a way that they will not damage the wooden object while making the holes. The wood drill bits are designed to work mainly for wooden objects. The concrete drill bits are best for concrete surfaces. With few exceptions, metal bits are the most practical choice for every surface including wood, concrete, tile, glass and metal surfaces, as well. We can define a drill bit as a cutting device for making holes in an object. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. is reader-supported. We cannot forget to mention the lip angle. Let’s start by going through the twelve most commonly used types of drill bits. This is because they have to be specialized to work better on hard surfaces as compared to wood drill bits. When you delve deeper in wood drilling, you will get the different drill bits such as the lip and spur drill bits. Drilling holes is one of the most common tasks every project worker undertakes. From the descriptions of the two types of drill bits, below is a summary of the differences between wood and concrete drill bits. Like wood, there are a lot of different metal materials. There are two cutters on spade bits that you can use for different cutting applications depending on the application. The spoon bit is another important and useful wood bit that you can get as part of your tools. Almost all drill bits are made of metal. This is the most basic type of drill bit that often comes packed with a drill … They can be used on wooden objects; however, you need to apply the correct amount of pressure. Ceramics are fairly soft, but they are brittle. Impact Driver: A power tool with a hex collet used for driving screws and general fasteners. Here are the three main bits you want for all your tile drilling projects: Construction Fasteners and Tools is Canada’s hardware expert.

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