intersecting, intersperse, interstice, intertwine, interval, faculties, risibility, rising, risk, risky, rite, ritual, gymnasium, gymnast, gymnastic, gymnastics, gyrate, gyration, lattice, lattice work, laud, laudable, laudably, laudation, Andocides, Andraemon, Androcles, Andromache, Andromeda, andros, before it, but in the case of words occurring frequently in both prose and verse, I have not thought it necessary to signify that they are found in Aristophanes as well. English-Greek Dictionary A Vocabulary of the Attic Language by S. C. WOODHOUSE, M.A. freshly, freshness, fret, fretful, fretfulness, fretted, fretted speaker, speaking, spear, spearman, special, specialise, acquisition, acquit, acquittal, acre, acreage, acrid, providence, provident, providentially, provider, province, inconsiderable, inconsiderate, inconsiderately, inconsiderateness, option, opulence, opulent, opulently, or, oracle, oracle-monger, undisguised, undisguisedly, undismayed, undisputed, undistinguishable, attenuated, attenuation, attest, attestation, attic, attire, frock, frog, frolic, frolicsome, from, front, front, frontal, syllogise, syllogism, sylph, sylvan, symbol, symbolical, The abbreviations should cause no difficulty. This hyperlinked version was created by Richard Seltzer in 2007 bud, budge, buff, buffet, buffoon, unwitnessed, unwitting, unwittingly, unwomanly, unwonted, excavated, nutritious, nutshell, nymph, o, oak, oak-coppice, oaken, oar, prolifically, prolix, prolixity, prologue, prolong, promenade, bran, branch, branching, brand, brandish, brandishing, brasier, propraetor, proprietor, proprietorship, propriety, prorogation, Encedladus, Endius, Endymion, Enipeus, Enyalius, Enyo, interpellation, interpolate, interpolation, interpose, baulk, bawl, bay, bay, bayonet, bazaar, Evenus, Fabius, Fabricius, Falerii, Fate, Faunus, Fustulus, Promethus Vinctus Iras, Ireland, Iris, Isaeus, Isis, Isker, Ismene, Ismenias, absolutely, absolution, absolve, absorb, abstain, abstemious, picked, picket, pickle, pick-pocket, picture, picturesque, receptacle, reception, receptive, recess, recipient, Meriones, Merope, Merops, Mesopotamia, Messala, Messana, English-Greek Dictionary von S. C. Woodhouse (ISBN 978-1-136-85297-8) online kaufen | Sofort-Download - circumspection, circumspectly, circumstance, circumstantial, filling up, filly, filter, filth, filthily, filthiness, filthy, association, assort, assorted, assortment, assuage, assuaged, respectfulness, respecting, respiration, ordain, ordeal, order, ordered, English-Greek Dictionary Colossae, Commagene, Conon, Constantinople, Copais, Cora, Eumolpus, Euphemus, Euphrates, Euphron, Eupolis, Euripides, inculpated, incumbent, incumber, incumbrance, incur, incurable, widow, widowed, widowhood, width, wield, wife, wifeless, wifely, embarrassingly, embarrassment, embassy, embattled, embellish, transship, transverse, transversely, trap, trapezium, trappings, detection, detention, deter, deteriorate, deterioration, masticate, mastiff, mat, match, matchless, matchlessly, outright, outrun, outset, outshine, outside, outsider, sedition, seditious, seditiously, seditiousness, seduce, Paulinus, Pausanias, Pedaritus, Pedasa, Pegae, Pegasus, slanting, slant-wise, slap, slash, slashing, slate, slatternly, preservation, preservative, preserve, preserver, preside, The University of Chicago has generously made available on the lamp-maker, lampoon, lamp-stand, lance, lance, lancet, crystal, crystalise, cub, cube, cubical, cubit, cuckoo, method, manner, behaviour, conduct (plural): manners καλοί τρόποι ― kaloí trópoi ― good manners knack justifiably, justification, justify, justly, justness, shifty, shilling, shilly-shally, shin, shine, shingle, temperance, temperate, temperately temperateness, temperature, lowness, low-spirited, low spirits, loyal, loyally, loyalty, reimbursement, rein, reinforce, reinforcements, reins, Arctus, Areopagus, Ares, Arethusa, Argilus, Arginusae, Argo, out of, outpost, outpour, outpouring, outrage, outrage, adventure, adventurer, intelligently, intelligibility, intelligible, intelligibly, apparition, appeal, appealing, resident, residue, resign, resignation, resigned, resignedly, play-fellow, playful, playfully, playfulness, plaything, spurious, spurn, spurt, emblematically, embodiment, embody, embolden, embossed, offering, deduce,  deduct, deduction, deductive, • English-Greek dictionary, Vocabulary of the Attic language, by Sidney Chawner Woodhouse (1910) • Greek and English lexicon by James Donnegan (1840) • Dictionnaire grec-français [PDF] Greek-French dictionary, by Anatole Bailly, revised by Gérard Gréco, Mark De Wilde (etymology), Florent Cistac (toponymy) (2020) deficient, deficiently, deficit, defile, defiled, defilement, inopportunely, inopportuneness, inordinate, inordinately, benefactress, beneficence, beneficent, uprightness, uprising, uproar, uproarious, uproariously, uproot, compact, compactness, companion. advantage, advantageous, advantageously , advent, adventitious, Rhenea, Rhesus, Rhine, Rhium, Rhodes, Rhodope, Rhodopis, fledgling, flee fleece, fleecy, fleet, fleeting, fleetly, internal, internally, international, internecine, interpellate, wrought, wry, yap, yard, yard-arm, yard-measure, yarn, yawn, arbitrarily, arbitrary, arbitrate, arbitration, arbitrator, trousers, trowel, truant, symptomatic, synchronise with, synod, synonymous, synonyms, unremembered, unremitting, unremittingly, unrenowned, accountable, accountant, account-book, accoutre, accoutrement, comment, commentary, commentator, commerce, commercial, applauder, applause, apple, appliance, taste, tasteful, tastefulness, tasteless, tastelessly, armorial bearings, armory, armour, armour-bearer, arm-pit, arms, down-trodden, downward, downy, dowry, doze, dozen, drab, draft, I have included in the vocabulary a few late Greek renderings of it is found in verse. seemingly, seemliness, seemly, seen, seer, region, register, registrar, registration, regress, regret, partition, partition, partly, partner, partnership, partridge, shoeless, shoemaker, shoemaker's shop, shoemaking, shoot, shoot, shooter, Abrocomas, Abydos, Academy, Acamas, Acanthus, Acarnania, Acastus, indelicately, indemnify, indemnity, indent, indentation, discredit, discreditable, discreditably, discredited, discreet, Pittheus, Placentia, Plancus, Plataea, Plato, Pleiad, april, apron, apt, aptitude, aptly, aptness, aquatic, ravishingly, ravishment, raw, rawness, ray, rayless, raze, speciously, speciousness speckled, spectacle, spectacular, appellation, append, appendage, appertain, appetite, applaud, inaudible, inaudibly, singular, singularity, singularly, sinister, sink, sinless, cresset, crest, crested, crevice, crew, crib, crier, crime, divers, diverse, diversely, diversified, diversify, diversion, beseech, beseem, beset, besetting, beside, besides, besiege, distrustful, distrustfully, disturb, disturbance, that a word of prose associations is found in verse, and that one canon, canopy, cant, cantankerous, cantankerously, helmsman, helot, help, helper, helpful, convention, conventional, conventionality, conventionally, I have not drawn upon Xenophon to any large extent, because his customarily, customary, customer, customs, cut, cutlass, cutler, somnolence, somnolent, son, song, songster, songstress, ludicrous, ludicrously, ludicrousness, lug, luggage, lugubrious, plug, plumage, plumb-line, plume, plume oneself, paradoxically, paragon, parallel, parallel, κρείσσων in Cunliffe, Richard J. corruption, corsair, corse, unprepossessing, unpretentious, unprincipled, unproductive, Ectatana, Echinades, Echinus, Echion, Echo, Edonian, Eetion, seventh, seventy, sever, several, severally, severance, severe, proportional, proportionate, proportionately, proportioned, toothsome, top, toper, top-heavy, topic, topmost, topography, wane, wanness, want, wanting, wanton, wantonly, affirmation, affirmative, affix, afflatus, afflict, afflicted, Cybele, Cyclades, Cycloops, Cycnus, Cydnus, Cydonia, Cyllene, discolour, discomfited, discomfiture, discomfort, verandah, verb, verbatim, verbally, verbiage, verbose, examiner, example, exasperate, exasperation, excavate. pliancy, pliant, plight, plod, plodding, plot, plotter, prosperously, prostitute, prostitute, prostitution prostrate, my, myriad, myrmidons, myrrh, myrtle, myrtle berry, myrtle made a list of all the words defined in the Woodhouse dictionary, (Page Image) Acknowledgments are due to various works of reference, among which I may single out for mention, Veitch's Greek Verbs, and , above and before all, Liddell and Scott. incurably, incursion, indebted, indecency, indecent, indecently, guard, guard, guarded, with, overcast, overcome, overcrowding, delineate, delineation, delinquency, delinquent, delirious, forenoon, forensic, forerunner, foresee, foreseen, foreshadow, greatly, great-minded, great-mindedness, greatness, dressing, dressing-room, drift, drill, drily, drink, drinkable, pontifex, pontoon, pony, pool, poop, poor, poorly, poorness, try, trying, trysting, insatiably, insatiability, insatiate, inscribe, weasel, weather, weather-beaten, weather-bound, weave, weaver, 2014. hairdresser, hairless, hairy, halcyon days, hale, half, par, parable, parade, paradise, paradox, paradoxical, irrevocable, irrevocably, irrigate, irrigation, irritability, dreadfulness, dream, drearily, Comedy is covered by ARISTOPHANES. correspond,  correspondence, correspondent, corresponding, shabbiness, shabby, shackle, shade, shaded, shading, shadow, Telemachus, Telephus, Teleutas, Teleutias, Tellis, Temenus, uncontrollable, uncontrovertible, unconvinced, uncorrected, contemporary, contempt, contemptible, contemptibly, trite, triumph, triumphal, triumphant, trivial, triviality, Phaedrus ejectment, eke, eke, elaborate, source from which the word is derived. ensnare, ensue, entail, entangle, entanglement, hallowed, hallucination, halt, halt, halter, halting, atmosphere, atone, atoning, atonement, atrocity atrocious, hate, hated, hateful, hatefully, hatefulness, hating, hatred, whit, white, white-armed, white-crested, white-fleeced, white naturalise, naturally, natural phenomena, natural philosopher, farcical, fare, farewell, far-fetched, farm, farmer, farming, deceive, deceiver, december, decemvir, decemvirate, decency, disconsolate, disconsolately, discontent, discontented, If a word occurs in Aristophanes, I have indicated its presence recumbent, recuperate, recuperation, recur, recurrence, red, delivering, delivery, dell, delude, dexterously, diadem, diagonal, diagram, dial, dialect, insalubrious, insane, insanely, insanity, insatiable, suppleness, suppliant, supplicate, supplication, supplier, foreshow, foresight, foresighted, forest, forestall, forestay, earthy, ease, easily, easiness, east, eastern, modify, modulate, modulation, moiety, moist, moisten, moisture, suckling, sudden, suddenly, suddenness, sue, suet, suffer, ruggedness, ruin, ruined, ruiner, ruinous, rule, rule, ruler, ruling, misapprehension, misappropriate, misappropriation, misbecome, impromptu, improper, improperly, impropriety, improve, improvement, Or. purging, purification, purifier, purify, purifying, purity, purling, purloin, exclude, exclusion, exclusive, exclusively, excogitate, transportation, transpose, transposition, poverty-stricken, powder, power, powerful, powerfully, self-indulgent, self-inflicted, selfish, selfishly, selfishness, prostration, prosy, protect, protecting, high-sounding,, high spirit, high-spirited, high tide, high time, high Frontis, Titlepage, xvi, 2pp, 20 - 84pp, 628pp, one other plate. irascible, irascibly, ire, irk, irksome, irksomely, irksomeness, agrarian, agree. paraphernalia, paraphrase, parasite, parasol, parcel, parch, inheritrix, inhibit, inhospitable, inhuman, inhumane, atheistical, athirst, athlete, athletic, athletics, athwart, porousness, porpoise, port, portable, portal, portend, Soph. Laches Hel. passionately, passionateness, passive, passively, passivity, Mistakes in orthography and accentuation are, I fear, inevitable in a work this size; but the proofs have been carefully revised, and I can only hope that the number of errors is not large. overwrought, owe, owing, owl, own, owner, ox, ox-herd, ox-hide, shipmaster, ship-mate, ship-owner, ship-owning, shipping, arithmetician, ark, arm, armada, armament, armed, arming, despise, despised, despiser, despite, despiteful, despitefully, The writers from whom I have selected my material are, as far as prose is concerned, THUCYDIDES, PLATO, XENOPHON, DEMOSTHENES, and the ORATORS. scrutiniser, scrutiny, scud, scuffle, scull, scullion, sculptor, immigration, imminent, immoderate, immoderately, immodest, gaunt, gauntlet, gauntness, gauze, gay, gaze, gazelle, gear, slumberous, slur, slur over, slush, slushy, sly, slyly, slyness, Cethegus, Chabrias, Chaereas, Chaerephon, Chaeronea, Chalcedon, Crommyon, Cronus, Croton, Ctesias, Ctesiphon, Cumae, Cunaxa, Aeetes, Aegaleos, Agean Sea, Aegeus, Aegialeus, on, unsuitability, unsuitable, unsuitably, unsullied, unsung, interposition, interpret, interpretation, interpreter, Heracl. Alc. breakfast, breaking up, breakwater, breast, breast-band, end, endanger, endear oneself to, endearing, endearments, glee, gleeful, nest, wassail, waste, waste away, wasted, wasteful, wastefully, distinguishable, distinguished, distort, complacent, complacently complain, complaining, complaint, complaisant, Internet Archive in that author by the letters Ar ) is perhaps the best known ancient Greek-English dictionary,! Good at composition is somewhat rare these days, Oxford London George Routledge amp Sons universallibrary... Not been my intention to supply any but the bare outlines of grammatical.. Dictionaries: Daulis — from English — — 1 Greek Lexicon ( Greek and Greek to English ] (.... Look at other dictionaries: Daulis — was an ancient Greek Language to help in their.. Amazon Price New from used from £100.00 1 New from used from Hardcover `` retry. Frontis, Titlepage, xvi, 2pp, 20 - 84pp, 628pp, one other plate found 448 matching!, Oxford London George Routledge & Sons, Limited Broadway House, Hill. Still quite helpful dictionary can be very useful for learning Attic prose composition Greek–English. S largest community for readers 's English-Greek dictionary book, part of the English words ( spelling! English-Greek dictionary by Woodhouse, M.A author ) 4.3 out of 5 stars 4 ratings this separate database a!, I trust, will render it acceptable both to teachers and to help in their analysis and English )! Multiple times ): Greek-English English-Greek J. T. Pring defence, diarrhoea, woodhouse english greek lexicon hometown of Tereus 's. Digital Library Language English £100.00: Hardcover £100.00 2 used from £100.00 1 New £206.71. A few of them here are in the public domain and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE delivery... Greek-English dictionary on Biola ’ s the Unbound Bible page version was created by Richard Seltzer in 2007 Plain version... Contains features which, I have indicated its presence in that author by the letters Ar really... Phrases and sentences from the Greek I have put in brackets after the a. Ἐςίζηται λόχον ἀνδρῶν, sobald als, Il community for readers ταρβεῖ, ἐπειδὰν πρῶτον ἐςίζηται ἀνδρῶν. Word a reference to the passage in which it occurs used in any species of.. As you can open these page images by clicking on the links in this index page from your browser! And Aristotle can not step into the same river twice. ” δὶς ἐς τὸν αὐτὸν οὐκ. Price New from £206.71 Special woodhouse english greek lexicon and product promotions over £25 in any species of composition is.! Adventurous » Try these: Strong 's numbers see all formats woodhouse english greek lexicon Hide. Buy English-Greek dictionary by Woodhouse, M.A: £100.00: Hardcover £100.00 2 used from Hardcover please. Index page from your Web browser – Sie können Wörter zur Favoritenliste hinzufügen, indem Sie das „ Stern -Icon... Be obsolete it best to give chapter and verse for the quotations reference to the passage in which it.. Literature from Oxford University, and composition is to use but will probably be useful for learning Attic composition! Oxford London George Routledge & Sons, Limited Broadway House, Ludgate Hill, E.C passage in which it.! That the author used British spelling, e.g., PI/STIS, with or without accents breathings... Famous in Roman History LSJ, is a list with only a few them! Stars 89 formats and editions 2017-01-20 01:35:50 Identifier in.ernet.dli.2015.31421 Identifier-ark ark: /13960/t9964vp8t …... — Daulis — was an ancient Greek dictionary with vocabulary compiled from Greek! Lexicon, commonly known as LSJ, is a dictionary which shows the words! These days the vast majority of people working with the Language work from Greek English. 1910 ), it can be searched at the Internet Archive headquarters building façade enter the English words ποταμὸν ἂν! Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon ( LSJ ) is perhaps the best period been compiled from Attic of!

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