The carpenter stripped the tree of its branches and proceeded to carve the wood into the hull of a boat. Examples of broad stripe in a sentence, how to use it. They are met with in a long strip of country south of the Majerda, between the Algerian frontier and the sea-coast north of Susa; also inland, to the south-west of Susa, and near Kef; also in another long strip between the vicinity of Sfax on the north and the Jerid on the south. In Lancashire a flat coastal strip occurs between the western front of the Pennine Chain and the Irish Sea, and, widening southward, extends into Cheshire and comprises the lower valleys of the Mersey and the Dee. 2. (a) Normandy, Perche, Cotentin and maritime Flanders, where horses are bred in great numbers; (b) the strip of coast between the Gironde and the mouth of the Loire; (c) the Morvan including the Nivernais and the Charolais, from which the famous Charolais breed of oxen takes its name; (d) the central region of the central plateau including the districts of Cantal and Aubrac, the home of the famous beef-breeds of Salers and Aubrac.1 The famous pre-sal sheep are also reared in the Vende and Cotentin. Along the southern margin of the Triassic area there is a long band of Jurassic beds dipping towards the Danube; and at its eastern extremity this band is continuous with a synclinal of Jurassic beds, running parallel to the western border of the Bohemian massif, but separated from it by a narrow strip of Triassic beds. Buy online & pick up (1) Kids Theme. It consists of a strip of territory on the right or west bank of the Jumna river, 75 m. They occupy three - distinct regions - a strip running west to east from Tobolsk to Tomsk, the Altai and its spurs, and South Yeniseisk. Indeed, … Elephants are still to be found in the fifty-mile strip of forest land which stretches between the Niger and the interior of the province. WALLED LAKE, Mich. (WXYZ) — A Walled Lake man who owned a restaurant and strip club was sentenced to two years in prison for tax crimes. Pack Size (Each) Audience. The definition of a strip is a long narrow piece or section of something. The desert character of the country increases as the river is neared, but along either bank of the Nile is a narrow strip of cultivable land. East of Nejd a strip of sandy desert 50 m. Throughout its length it consists of three zones, a narrow coastal strip, rarely western Arabia. Between these two areas, almost on the equator, a strip of globigerina ooze was found, corresponding to the zone of globigerina in the equatorial region of the Atlantic. His long strip of royal domain was hemmed in by the Angevin Empire on the west and by the kingdom of Arles on the south-east. 1040549Tom strippedoff his dirty clothes and threw them into the washing machine. no need of list comprehension here, just ','.join(x.strip() for x in s.split(':')). How to use strip in a sentence. Speaking generally, a range of hills, known as the Western Ghats, runs down the coast, at places rising in splendid bluffs and precipices from the water's edge, at others retreat moun- i n inland, and leavin g a flat fertile strip of to o m. The district forms a strip of alluvial land between the hills and the sea, varying from about 9 to 34 m. The salt tract runs the whole way down the coast, and forms a desolate strip a few miles broad. A small strip of coast of Eocene age is known near Tullear (S.W. – Ashwini Chaudhary Sep 12 '12 at 5:00 True, although the list comprehension may clarify part of … He continued at his quick pace into the town, glancing over the quaint downtown strip lined with small cars and pubs. below the confluence the river has an average width of 180 to 200 yds., and flows with a strong steady current, although a broad strip of countr y on each side is swampy or submerged. The achievement of independence found the people of the United States owning the entire country between the Gulf and the Great Lakes, excepting only Florida, as far to the west as the Mississippi; but the actual settlements were, with a few minor exceptions, confined to a strip of territory along the Atlantic shore. In the year following, 1788, Nembana, a Timni chief, sold a strip of land to Captain John Taylor, R.N., for the use of the "free community of settlers, their heirs and successors, lately arrived from England, and under the protection of the British government.". The surface is mainly flat, excepting a strip about 2 m. Along the southern coast are many ponds, all shut off from the ocean by a narrow strip of land, excepting Tisbury Great Pond, which has a small outlet to the sea. I didn't wave today, which means you saw him at the strip mall. Please strip the beds and put the sheets in the washing machine. There is no continuous littoral plain, the longest strip running from the recess of the Syrtis round past Bengazi to Tolmeita. of the lands occupied by the five tribes, together with the narrow strip N. In the meantime negotiations were begun for acquiring a clear title to the unoccupied portion of the Cherokee Strip, for individual allotments to the members of the several small tribes who had received tribal allotments since 1866, and for the purchase of what remained after such individual allotments had been made. Before use the strip is for one moment connected to the case, and the arrangement is then tilted until the strip extends at a certain angle. sentence+strips (35 items) Filters. According to Porter (Journal Soc. Grades: Not Grade Specific. Sentences Menu. The operator actuates a typewriter form of perforator which punches varying groups of holes, representing the different characters, in a paper strip about one inch wide. Special Education Type. Leopold, intent on the doings of his perennial rival Louis XIV., was 10th to engage in an eastern war even for the liberation of Hungary, which he regarded as of far less importance than a strip or two of German territory on the Rhine. Join artist Jim Aitchison and create your own cartoon character, draw caricatures of friends and family and put together your own comic strip! The whole system has been designed to strip immigration detainees of humanity. use "strip" in a sentence There have been calls to strip the names from those buildings too. This coast strip is nowhere more than 2 m. And again he started trying to reach the boundary strip in sixteen paces. of the tooth meridian is a strip of land about 35 m. With the exception of the narrow strip N. of the Mississippi, and at first they were allowed to occupy lands in what is now Arkansas, but by a new arrangement first entered into in 1828 they received instead, in 1838, a patent for a wide strip extending along the entire N. By these treaties, negotiated in 1866, the Cherokees gave the United States permission to settle other Indians on what was approximately the western half of their domain; the Seminoles, to whom the Creeks in 1855 had granted as their portion the strip between the Canadian river and its North Fork, ceded all of theirs, and the Creeks, Choctaws and Chickasaws ceded the western half of theirs back to the United States for occupancy by freedmen or other Indians. Sometimes a strip of felt is interposed between the chair and the sleeper, and sometimes a serrated surface is prepared on the sleeper for the chair which is forced into its seat by hydraulic pressure. It consists of a generally level strip running north and south at the foot of the Shan Hills, and of a hilly region rising up these hills to the east, and including the Yeyaman tract, which lies between 21° 30' and 21° 40' N. south of Cochin, situated on a strip of coast between the sea and one of those backwaters that here form the chief means of inland communication. Principalities A narrow strip along the shores Schwarzburg-Sondershausen of the Baltic is covered with Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt -. Often the formula was written on a strip of rag or a scrap of papyrus and tied round the neck of the person for whom it was intended. Large quantities of turpentine are extracted from this pine in Sweden and Russia by removing a strip of bark, terminating below in a deep notch cut in the wood, into which the turpentine runs, and from which it is scooped as it accumulates; but the product is not equal to that of the silver fir and other species. Chacmas frequently strip orchards and fruit-gardens, break and devour ostrich eggs, and kill lambs and kids for the sake of the milk in their stomachs. 171+15 sentence examples: 1. Russia, as a narrow strip on the Urals, and in the Dnieper ridge. The leakage through the insulator of the cable is compensated for by connecting high resistances between different points of the strip conductor and the earth coating. Connecticut, however, excepted a strip bordering on Lake Erie for 120 m. An association of New Jerseymen, organized by John Cleves Symmes, secured a grant from Congress in1788-1792to a strip of 248,540 acres on the Ohio between the Great Miami and the Little Miami, which came to be known as the Symmes Purchase. The possessions of the sultan in Europe now consist of a strip of territory stretching continuously across the Balkan Peninsula from the Bosporus to the Adriatic (29° to' to 19° 20' E.), and lying in the east mainly between 40° and 42° and in the west between 39 0 and 43° N. It corresponded roughly to ancient Thrace, Macedonia with Chalcidice, Epirus and a large part of Illyria, constituting the present administrative divisions of Stambul (Constantinople, including a small strip of the opposite Asiatic coast), Edirne (Adrianople), Salonica with Kossovo (Macedonia), Iannina (parts of Epirus and Thessaly), Shkodra (Scutari or upper Albania). sq., a tract of bottom-land for farming purposes, a strip of woodland, and common pasture rights. At last Attila, king of Pergamum, defeated them in a series of battles commemorated on the Pergamene sculptures, and henceforth they were confined to a strip of land in the interior of Asia Minor, the Galatia of history. In June 1893 Persia ceded to Russia the small but very fertile and strategically important district of Firuza and the adjacent lands between Baba Durmaz and Lutfabad on the northern frontier of Khorasan, and received in exchange the important village of Hissar and a strip of desert ground near Abbasabad on the frontier of Azerbaijan, which had become Russian territory in I 828, according to the Treaty of Turkmanchai. 03/16/2016; 2 minutes to read; In this article. They do not represent the opinions of There was a strip of tall herbage running along the fence. Sometimes you might want to place quotation marks (" ") in a string of text. The Christian kingdom of Palestine was by this time reduced to a strip of coast about 440 sq. Not to speak of the Basque, which still forms an island of some importance in the north-west, three Romance languages share this extensive territory: (1) Portuguese-Galician, spoken in Portugal, Galicia, and a small portion of the province of Leon; (2) Castilian, covering about two-thirds of the Peninsula in the north, centre, and south; (3) Catalan, occupying a long strip of territory to the east and south-east. high, and only joined to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand. To tear, peel, or otherwise remove some outer layer or covering from something else, especially in a quick, intense, or violent manner. And again you initialize letters to 0, so that it can start counting the next word from 0 again.So, by this method at the end i.e. His gaze settled on the only piece of jewelry she owned, a red gem that matched his eyes on a strip of leather around her neck. (For maps of Asiatic Turkey, see Arabia; Armenia; Asia Minor; Palestine; Syria.) With the exception of a narrow strip along the sea-coast and a small district in the N., it is entirely mountainous. Algorithm. It consists of, first, a strip of mainland along the Bay of Bengal, extending from the An pass, across the main range, to the Ma-i River, and, secondly, the large islands of Ramree and Cheduba, with many others to the south, lying off the coast of Sandoway. It belongs to Great Britain, together with a strip of territory extending 15 m. Another place which proved attractive to colonists of that race was the curious narrow strip of ground, called the Thracian Chersonese, that intervened between the Hellespont and the Bay of Melas, which penetrates far into the land on its northern side. Rather than cut her, he bound their arms with a long strip of leather as was tradition. Lit., 18 54, p. 303), the name is locally restricted to the plain south of the Leja and the narrow strip on the west; although it is loosely applied by strangers to the whole country east of the Jaulan. broad-leaved woodland which was planted in 1988, flanked by a strip of remnant policy woodland. of Pogonomyrmex strip the husks from the seeds and carry them out of the nest, making a refuse heap near the entrance. 0. above sea-level; but partly on a narrow strip of ground which separates this bank from the water's edge. It stands in a fertile but fever-stricken strip of plain between the Galilee hills and the sea-shore. Yes, I know Pluto is not a planet anymore, but I include it because it gives me a chance to describe why Pluto is not a planet anymore (i.e., it has not cleared it's neighborhood of objects, lots of … For convenience of classification we may include in Khamdo a long strip of country extending along the northern border of the Lhasa territory of Lhorong jong and Larego as far as Tengri Nor, and bounded to the north by the Dang-la mountains, which is designated by Tibetans as Gyade or " the Chinese province. The station is built on a flat peninsula connected by a narrow strip of land with a ridge which runs parallel with the river. The received signals are recorded on the paper strip in an undulating continuous line of ink, and are distinguished by the length of deviation from zero. The southern boundary of the strip added to Utrecht ran from Rorke's Drift on the Buffalo to a point on the Pongolo. As Turkish detachments watching this strip of coastline were known to number only about 2,000 men - the Ottoman authorities never contemplating a hostile landing in force in the locality - the design was to put most of the attacking troops ashore during the night of the 6th-7th as a surprise, and that they should then push on at once and master a range of hills 4 or 5 m. The district is a long narrow strip of country, 198 m. Of these Arakan is a strip of country lying on the seaward slopes of the range of hills known as the Arakan Yomas. With the exception of the deltas of the great rivers and the long strip of land fringing the western coast, rice may be called an occasional crop throughout the remainder of the peninsula. Examples of strip in a sentence: 1. This is what we are going to do in this section, count the number of word in a given string and print it. The Swedes, at the desire of Elizabeth, accepted Adolphus Frederick, duke of Holstein, as their future king, and, in return, received back Finland, with the exception of a small strip of land up to the river Kymmene. He had swallowed pride when he found the pregnancy test strip, and then again when she wanted to work in the nursery at church. The House impeached President Trump for inciting an insurrection against the government, and 10 Republicans joined Democrats to do so. PowerPoint Fixed (Plain) Each page of your material is set as a background image on a PowerPoint slide. The Creed system is a development of the Morse-Wheatstone system, and provides a keyboard perforator which punches Morse letters or figures on a paper strip by depressing type writer keys. From the potential terminals of the strip, wires are brought to the potentiometer so as to determine their potential difference in terms of the electromotive force of the standard Clark cell. The surface configuration of almost all the strip is remarkably uniform. This fact, considered together with what has been said above, compels the conclusion that modesty is a feeling merely of acute self-consciousness due to appearing unusual, and is the result of clothing rather than the cause. This middle kingdom formed a long strip stretching across Europe from the North Sea to Naples, and embraced the whole of the later Netherlands with the exception of the portion on the left bank of the Scheldt, which river was made the boundary of West Francia. This long strip extends, therefore, for about 400 m. Taking Syria as the strip limited by the sea, the edge of the Hamad, the Taurus and the Sinaitic desert, we have a remarkably homogeneous geographical area with very obvious natural boundaries; but these, for various reasons, have proved very Scale, 1:7.soo.000. 0. Between the volcanic tract of the Campagna and the sea there is a broad strip of sandy plain, evidently formed merely by the accumulation of sand from the sea, and constituting a barren tract, still covered almost entirely with wood as it was in ancient times, except for the almost uninterrupted line of villas along the ancient coastline, which is now marked by a line of sandhills, some 2 m. Laurentum and Lavinium, names so conspicuous in the legendary history of Aeneas, were situated in the sandy strip near the sea-coast - the former only 8 m. wide, separated from the mainland by a narrow strip of salt water and 4 or 5 m. wide extending from the island of Ceylon and the Coromandel coast to the head of the bay, and thence southwards through a strip embracing the Andaman and Nicobar islands, is bounded by the ioo fathom line of sea bottom; some 50 m. The Oligocene forms a band stretching from Antwerp to Maastricht, and this is followed towards the north by a discontinuous strip of Miocene and a fairly extensive area of Pliocene.

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