I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Hank Williams • The Legend Lives Anew: Hank Williams, Sr. With Strings. What are your votes for the saddest country music songs? Although reflective, the song isn’t too sad; it has a bit of beauty, cuteness, and inspiration to it. “Alyssa Lies” instantly became an internet sensation. The video won awards and acclaim and is recognized as Johnny’s epitaph. Best real country playlist. Elvis Presley, during his legendary 1973 Aloha from Hawaii concert, said this song is probably the saddest song he has ever heard. She did not see things coming. He feels like the whole world is getting away from him. For fellas who feels the same way, this song is a reminder that you are not alone. The 35 Saddest Country Songs When You Need a Good Cry 1. Get Mushy With These 15 Country Songs For Your Boyfriend. Divorce is common these days. Sad Country songs jessicarae199440; 106 videos; ... Sissy's Song (Official Music Video) by Alan Jackson. Play on Spotify. 1 hit in 1999 with his song “Wish You Were Here.” The tearful ballad has captured the hearts of many country music fans as it pulled at the emotions of each listener. She attended his funeral, even though he spent decades pining for her in vain. 30 Sad Country Songs to Listen to When You're Feeling Blue 8 "When I Call Your Name," Vince Gill. 165 songs. Sad songs let listeners know that they aren't alone. Sadly, the little girl did not make it any longer and made her way to the afterlife. Martina McBride is definitely one of the best country singers of all time. His gentle lope of the melody added to the faintness of the mood. In it, Steve Wariner’s narrator sings about losing his grandmother the day before his 8th birthday, his wife passed away at a young age and how much he missed her during his daughter’s wedding. It went on to earn Jackson a Grammy award, as well as numerous country music honors. | PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF SERVICE. The Possum’s anguished voiced naturally detailed the fate of a man who can’t get over his love for a woman who left him for an unknown reason. I guess I must be wishing on someone else’s star Seems like someone else Keeps getting what I’m wishing for Why can’t I be as lucky as those other people are I guess I must be wishing on someone else’s star. Luckily, music is here to help us face multiple losses in the midst of tragedy. This makes a ratio of one person committing suicide every 40 seconds. The following songs rank among the saddest country songs and demonstrate the range of emotions and themes … The random tool generates 113 items, including the saddest country songs. The song’s message makes us understand that it’s never easy to cope with the loss of more than just a few people as we walk through life but it’s part of living and we all have to experience such. Écoutez The Saddest Country Songs Ever par Various Artists sur Deezer. Country music is rooted in the saddest of emotions good people feel every day. It has become an excellent communication tool for abused children to share who they can get help from their unfair situations. One evening, Caroll heard his daughter praying for her friend who was beaten at home and was teased at school most of the time. If you or a loved one aren't into digital playlists for your country songs, you can pick up a physical CD, record, or tape from an online marketplace like Amazon.. 21. par TMC Country Stars sur Deezer. It was too late for her to realize that she was in a dying relationship. Not all stories in country music are all about honky tonks, some are sad and talks about someone passing away. In your opinion, what are the three saddest country music songs? Did you even realize that the melody for “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” can be heard throughout the song? The country song’s music video also made the song even more emotional, which used personal home video and performance clips all through Campbell’s life. Now that’s a sad song. For Reba, the victim’s families and friends and the country music community, the tragic loss stopped the world from turning. Mine: Roses for Mama Ruby (Don't Take Your Love to Town) He Stopped Loving Her Today “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” is the final song recorded by the legendary country singer Glen Campbell. If we missed the country song that made you cry, let us know so we will feature it here on the next articles. 7 - 3:42 I No. A research confirmed that listening to sad songs while you’re feeling blue can make you feel better since you find something that compliments your feeling. It starts with “Memories and drinks don’t mix too well,” and nothing is more spot-on than that. This playlist consists of country music that I find emotional, some of the best of country music. This is a song about how grief is such a personal experience. Sad Country music 2018-2019-2020-2021-2020. by TMC Country Stars Now. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. Vince did not finish the song until his brother died of a heart attack. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. This heartbreaking song was penned by Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman. 4:13 0:30. 10 - 2:22 I No. He Stopped Loving Her Today - TMC Country Stars, 3. Yes, country music is just as perfect for road trips as it is for a good sob fest, and if you need to let it all out, then 2019's best country songs are here to lend you a shoulder to cry on. Best Country Songs About the Death of a Father or Mother. Who Are Johnny Cash’s Children and Where Are They Now? What Happened to Randy Travis After Massive Stroke and Dire Financial Situation? Williams wrote the song in 1979 after a Mississippi-born poet Frank Stanford, with whom she’d briefly been romantically involved, killed himself with three gunshots to the chest. They say love moves in mysterious ways and it comes to us in different times and ways. The Baby - TMC Country Stars Though most people think that this haunting song is about a break-up, the lyrics “You ought ‘a see the way these people look at me / When they see me ’round here talkin’ to this stone,” suggests otherwise. Country Songs about the Death of Family, Friends & Those Who Have Passed Away Too Soon. The father continues to drive the truck to feel close to his deceased son. A big part of our Southern heritage is filled with hard times and how we deal with them. The song is full of reflection about life, death, and everything that we’ll leave behind. ... by Follower of Country. The track is a sobering reminder that child abuse is still a major problem of social significance, even in this modern era. And if you want to have a good cry, make sure to check its music video. He was tagged as “The Voice” with his ability to exude pain and loss in a song that no one can compare. “Over You” by Miranda Lambert Even The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley thought it’s “probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard.” Everything the singer encounters, from the moon hiding its face behind the clouds to cry to the fact that he’s lost the will to live, Hank Williams perfectly described his dark mood. And folks, if you like to read more articles about our favorite country stars, check out the Country Thang Daily website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The child in the song, four-year-old Little Joe, is too young and innocent to understand that his parents are separating that they have to spell words out and watch their tones so he won’t get too lonely. Best spotify country playlist. There are a lot of emotions to Kenny Rogers’ first major solo hit. She sang the song from the perspective of her father a few days before his death, as it’s the only way for her to understand her father’s actions. "My new 180-minute four chord song also covers new cartoonishly tragic down home scenarios. “The story is of a woman who is mourning the loss of losing her lover and doesn’t know if she can move on again from that,” the country singer explained. For My Broken Heart - TMC Country Stars, 4. However, waiting for love to come around becomes frustrating when you are totally ready, yet there’s no one to love. Country music is filled with stories of lost love and other tales of heartache. Wiliams initially wrote this song as a poem for his alter ego “Luke the Drifter” to recite, luckily he reconsidered and put melodies into it. There are plenty of sorrowful country songs, but George Jones’ 1980 hit “He Stopped Loving Her Today” stands above almost all of them. Long playlist! Narvel Blackstock’s New Girlfriend Is His Ex-Wife’s Close Friend. 2. I get paid more than $130 to $150 per hour for working online. While some of us get lucky in life, some get the chance to learn from the life lessons of their fellow. Tammy Wynette talked about the internal struggle and pain of so many divorcees-to-be with children very clearly. When a reporter asks him how he feels about the loss of his house, the old man replies: “Boy, let me tell you something, this ain’t nothing.” The old man has been through much worse, like losing his dad when he was eight, his baby brother, and his left hand. And the woman’s husband, a man whose big heart was breaking, came along. Where were you when the world stopped turnin’ That September day? This poignant country song was written twenty-five years after Shelby Lynne’s father shot and killed her mother in the driveway of their Mobile, Alabama home before turning the gun on himself. 11 - 1:59 I No. Were you in the yard with your wife and children Or workin’ on some stage in L.A.? The country trio Rascal Flatts have been releasing songs that melt your heart with their reminiscent lyrics perfected with their soaring harmonies. When this happens, music can help. And though it is the best option remaining for couples who can’t work the relationship anymore, it’s still an extremely difficult thing for the kids. The Dance That Stunned Country Music Obsessives, But Who Are They? Watch him smile, he thinks it Christmas Or his fifth birthday And he thinks C-U-S-T-O-D-Y spells fun or play I spell out all the hurtin’ words And turn my head when I speak ‘Cause I can’t spell away this hurt That’s drippin’ down my cheek. “For My Broken Heart” was recorded in the aftermath of the tragic plane crash that killed her tour manager and most of her bandmates on March 16, 1991, after a tour stop in San Diego. Parents should be very careful on breaking such kind of news to them. Their parents know that the song is about them, but they never talk about it. In May 2007, McGraw brought the mournful ballad to life for the first time at the ACM Awards, and he was joined onstage by military families who lost loved ones while in service to their country. Falling in love is thrilling enough, but finding out that the object of your affection no longer feels the same way is pretty devastating. Unknown music album by TMC Country Stars 1. When you’re lonely, everything around you seems lonely too. They write the song hoping it might inspire someone in such a situation and to send a message to live life to the fullest each day. 12. Here are 100 sad songs with the saddest lyrics of all time that will make you cry: 1. The innocent child endured the torture of physical abuse before succumbing to her injuries. It’s his personal goodbye to his wife and his mother and father. Article by Just Tom Hiddleston. She’s capable of producing songs that pull at the heartstrings at the same time make people aware of difficult topics. Top 10 Music Videos That Will Make You CrySubscribe http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD -- Have an idea for a video? “Alyssa Lies” generated a lot of buzz around the country world upon its release. When it comes to sad songs (oh, the sad songs), country music does it so right, capturing those somber, sick-at-heart emotions like no other genre can. Découvrez The Saddest Country Songs Ever de Various artists sur Amazon Music. In country music collections, Hank Williams’ “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry” is one of the songs with the most evocatively ripe lyrics. The storyline of “I Drive Your Truck” was inspired by a true story of a father who kept his son’s Dodge around after the son was killed in Afghanistan while trying to save a fellow soldier. He then drowned his days and nights drinking whiskey, and took his own life by “pulling the trigger.” Listeners get misty eyes especially on the part where the wife took her life also because of the remorseful pain from her husband’s suicide. Gary Allan - Tough Little Boys by Gary Allan. Indeed, it led to many country fans examining their lives. Talk about being jealous of another woman with a beauty that is beyond compare, auburn hair, ivory skin, smile like a breath of spring, the Queen of Country knows better. Somebody cries in the middle Of the night The neighbors hear, but they turn Out the lights A fragile soul caught in the hands Of fate When morning comes It’ll be too late. At first, Hank viewed it as a poem which is suited for his alter ego, “Luke the Drifter” to recite, but he still recorded it. Lambert revealed that they both cried while writing the song. Flashback to George Jones’ “The Grand Tour” – One of the Saddest Songs of All Time, Aaron Watson’s Nostalgic “Country Radio” at the Grand Ole Pry, Glen Campbell’s “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” is all about his Struggles with Alzheimer’s, Taylor Swift Joins ‘The Voice’ Season 17 as a ‘Mega Mentor’, Fall in Love with Ray Charles’ Classic Song “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and More Donate Auction Items for Girls Rock Camp, “Come Early Morning”: One Of Don Williams’ Greatest Singles, Remember When Juice Newton Scored The Biggest Success With “Queen Of Hearts”, John Denver Paid Tribute To His Most Prized Possession in “This Old Guitar”, Anne Murray Needs A Million Miracles To Stop The Pain in “Broken Hearted Me”, Home Free Gave Maren Morris’ “My Church” Some Gospel Twist, Time To Crank Up Johnny Russell’s “Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer”, How Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson Made “Good Hearted Woman” Iconic. I went to see him just today, oh but I didn’t see no tears All dressed up to go away, first time I’d seen him smile in years, He stopped loving her today They placed a wreath upon his door And soon they’ll carry him away He stopped loving her today. Get Mushy With These 15 Country Songs For Your Boyfriend. Here are our 50 favorite of the saddest songs. In other cases, the saddest songs may actually make us feel better about our situation if the song’s lyrics are “sadder” and more tragic than our own lives. This heart-breaking country song is so raw and emotional; it’ll shake you to your core. After listening to all these songs, and learning about their stories, how are you feeling now? Its spiritually optimistic note gives a bit of understanding and hope for friends and family left back to grieve. Then, he finally realizes that he must have been wishing on someone else’s star. 90s Country Songs Still Give Us Some Of The Saddest Songs That Make You Cry — Here Is A List Of The Best. The music video for the song flashes some children from Child Help USA. It’s a sad fact of life that your feelings are not always going to be reciprocated, and as painful as it is when it happens, Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces” knows how you feel. While many may assume that this is a song about love, in reality, the writer Jeffrey Steele got the inspiration from the passing of his father. 1. If you’re struggling to keep things in perspective, take time to listen to this song by Nashville native Craig Morgan. The lyrics in the song are in the form of a letter a soldier wrote in case he dies in combat. Here are our 50 favorite of the saddest songs: 50. He blames his lack of good luck and wonders, “Why can’t I be as lucky as those other people are/I guess I must be wishing on someone else’s star.”, This duet is another heartbreaker about divorce and children. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. It details the sorrow of a man drinking away his memories until he kills it. You must’ve a been in a place so dark, couldn’t feel the light Reachin’ for you through that stormy cloud Now here we are gathered in our little home town This can’t be the way you meant to draw a crowd. If you ask someone to name a song that always has the power to reduce them to tears, chances are they’ll quickly reply, “Johnny Cash’s Hurt.”. - Listen to The Saddest Country Songs Playlist by Pandora Country | Pandora Just a Dream - TMC Country Stars, 5. It quickly became one of the most treasured memorial songs in country music. songs Online on JioSaavn. Bryan White definitely made quite a splash with his 1994 hit “Someone Else’s Star.” In this song, White finds himself all alone and wishing he could find his true love. This simple ballad from Blake Shelton ‘s early years is a bittersweet tribute to a beloved mother from her... “She Thinks His Name Was John”. Cry, Cry, Cry: From George Jones to Brad Paisley, the biggest weepers ever. “You’re the last person I will love / You’re the last face I will recall / And best of all / I’m not gonna miss you,” Campbell sings as the music video shows the real footage of a doctor showing Campbell X-rays of his brain, detailing how the disease will eat away his memories. In “Chiseled in Stone,” an old man from a bar reminds us that we have to see the value of what we have today, especially people, because we’ll never know loneliness until it’s chiseled in stone. More cool playlists by DJ W.H. Play on Spotify The best country music of all time! Feel free to re-play the song. Where is Jason Aldean’s First Wife, Jessica Ussery Now? "In my new song we cover such diverse tragic country topics as unemployment, the troops, reliable trucks gone done breakin' down, the devil's brown liquor, and the no-good bankerman knocking on the door with papers," Isbell says in the fictitious infomercial. Lyrics like “And he thinks C-U-S-T-O-D-Y spells fun or play” and “Oh, I wish that we could stop this D-I-V-O-R-C-E” severely up the misery factor. 40 Saddest Country Songs of All Time Cry, Cry, Cry: From George Jones to Brad Paisley, the biggest weepers ever At first, Hank viewed it as a poem which is suited for his alter ego, “Luke the Drifter” to recite, but he still recorded it. The song includes references to heroin addiction and self-harm, although the whole meaning of the song is uncertain. Tammy Wynette brought the song to fame as she recorded it in 1968. Men are universally perceived to be strong and dependable. Most fans think “The Dance” is a love gone bad song, but Garth Brooks revealed that the song was more than that. 165 songs. Here are some songs to help you cope. See more ideas about saddest songs, songs, slow songs. Well, that feeling is exactly what you expect to cover you after hearing a Vince Gill song. She and her sister were orphaned and sent to live with relatives. The following 25 songs rank among the saddest country music and demonstrate the range of emotions and themes songwriters have explored while grappling with mortality. The Dance That Stunned Country Music Obsessives, But Who Are They? This is the quintessential sad song of the South. If misery loves company, sometimes there's no better friend than a really good, really sad song. He described the song as “too long, too sad, and too depressing.” In fact, even after its release, Jones griped that “Nobody’ll buy that morbid son of a bitch.” To his surprise, “He Stopped Loving her Today” breathed a new life into his career when it topped the chart. The final lines indirectly suggest the girl’s death. The song even became the country music’s greatest punchline song ever. 10 of the Saddest Country Songs Ever “The Baby”. Rolling Stone 40 Saddest Country Songs By Richard Copping. He was broke, disowned by his parents, and worse, his wife left him and brought their daughter with her. Copyright 2021 Country Thang Daily, all rights reserved. 8 comments on Saddest Country Songs.. Benedict Staley November 19, 2020. Listen to our Spotify playlist below, and fair warning: there will be tears. The 50 best sad songs Misery loves company, or at least a sad song to bring the tears By Andrzej Lukowski , Oliver Keens , James Manning , Tristan Parker , … If you’re looking for a fun whiskey song, this isn’t it. She put that bottle to her head and pulled the trigger And finally drank away his memory Life is short but this time it was bigger Than the strength she had to get up off her knees We found her with her face down in the pillow Clinging to his picture for dear life We laid her next to him beneath the willow While the angels sang a whiskey lullaby. And if luck works for you, you might bump into one of the ladies and gentlemen out there who is looking for someone just like you. My little girl asked me why everybody looked so sad The lump in my throat grew bigger With every question that she asked Until I felt the tears run down my face And I told her that Alyssa wouldn’t be at school today, ‘Cause she doesn’t lie in the classroom She doesn’t lie anymore at school Alyssa lies with Jesus Because there’s nothin’ anyone would do. Well, that’s what infidelity gives – pain, regret, and loss. Let’s start our teary journey with a song inspired by a true story. There are so many songs about death and the pain it leaves behind. For decades, the genre has been known to sing about break-ups and tragedies, a trend that, for better or worse, continues today. And its music video is even more miserable. It’s Reba McEntire, after all. Nothing is even more painful than losing a loved one and all we can do is to hold on to their memories because they are already in heaven or wherever their spirits may have gone. The lyrics from Curly Putman and Bobby Braddock narrates about a guy who takes his love for his former flame until he died. This country song is written to pay tribute to a loved one who committed suicide. Parton wrote and sang the song for Porter Wagoner, her mentor, producer, and longtime duet partner. Maybe because, after all, heartbreak is the common denominator for us all. These country breakup songs are a mix of somber and upbeat hits that will have you feeling better the moment you press play. After learning about all these, Caroll decided to report the abuse to the school but it was already late, Alyssa had been beaten to death. The ballad’s devastating lyrics detail Campbell’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, and the result is a truly poignant experience. She laments how “she let a stranger kill her hopes and her dreams.” She would never know love, marry, or have children. Did you shout out in anger, in fear for your neighbor Or did you just sit down and cry? “And if they could come back, I think they would say to us what the lyrics of ‘The Dance’ say.”. He wanted to preserve that kind of awful feeling most people have felt during the wake of the attacks. Losing a parent might be one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever have. While there are far too many to list, we counted down 10 of what we consider to be the saddest songs in country … 2. In this Grammy-nominated song, Carrie Underwood sings about an 18-year-old woman going to the church in her wedding dress that you’ll think she’s going to her wedding. No. Country diva Tammy Wynette relays how sad and difficult it is to explain to a child when parents, who aren’t happy with their relationship anymore, has no choice but to go on a D-I-V-O-R-C-E. His now-ex-wife is ready to move on, but he isn’t at all. Go to heaven a-shoutin’ Love for the Father and the Son. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur Amazon.fr. “Why” is about a man questioning why a close friend chose to end his own life. Tim McGraw penned this country song with Brad and Brett Warren after he got inspired by a magazine article about war casualties. “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton 2. It tells the story of an old man whose old farmhouse outside Birmingham, has been destroyed by a tornado. According to the World Health Organization’s suicide data, close to 800, 000 people from all around the globe die due to suicide every year. Jackson felt hesitant to release the song at first because of its personal nature and he didn’t want anyone to think he was exploiting the tragedy. Sad Country Songs 2020-2021-2022 (Best Sad Country Music Playlist) By Revolt Playlists. He was eventually persuaded by family and friends at his record label, who also successfully persuaded him to release the record. May 24, 2020 - Explore Rose Homrich's board "Saddest songs" on Pinterest. These songs may express the sad story of musical artists. All the members of the group shared they were emotional when they recorded the song because each of them knew someone close to them who suffered the same fate. Dixie Chick sisters, Martie Erwin Maguire, and Emily Erwin Robison co-wrote “You Were Mine” in 1995. The melody is lovely, Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss sung it beautifully, but the lyrics are plain depressing. 40 Saddest Country Songs of All Time. You are going to need several boxes of tissues for this one. The random tool generates 113 items, including the saddest country songs. Where is Jason Aldean’s First Wife, Jessica Ussery Now? From songs about death to the most puzzling breakup story, these saddest moments require some sad songs to accompany you.Have you heard any great sad country songs when you heartbroken?

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